Welcome to the web pages of Highlands Hollywood, a small team of party planning and event production specialists that operates in the Hollywood area. My name is Alex Brooks and together with my friends Jeff, Richard and Devin I’ve started this little business back in 2015. Our company resides on this website for the time being. We plan on setting up an actual location in the near future. Party planning has been our passion even since our college days. I guess it’s a classic story of frat boys planning parties that turned into a business.

What is exactly that you do?

Two main services that the Highlands Hollywood team is offering is party planning and event production. We have a large network of venues, caterers, entertainers, private security firms and other supporting staff that can handle events with up to 500 guests. Thanks to new technology, specifically drones, we take care everything is captured. There will be no more lost memories, every angle is covered! 🙂 More than 5 collapsible drones with camera will take care of that, combined with our professional post production, you can be sure after videos will be breathtaking!

Planning parties might seem like an easy job, but people who think that never tried to actually do it. What we do isn’t your ordinary kegger parties that get thrown together at home. We deal with high profile guests, DJs, singers, and party venues that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to book. On top of all that there’s a fierce competition from an even increasing number of party planning agencies that are taking our clients.

In an effort to keep things fresh we’ve decided to innovate partying by involving technology. For example recently we had something we call a drone party. What the heck is a drone party, you’re probably wondering now. Well it’s a party that’s set in a large airport hanger and the guests are encouraged to bring and fly their LED drones.

Hundreds of people showed up, and about a dozen of them had drones with LEDs. Imagine the scene. Music is playing, people are on the dance floor and there’s a bunch of LED action drones flying over them. We organized a drone racing tournament where people could win cash prizes. On top of that people made awesome videos of the party, using drones equipped with cameras. It was a pretty fun experience and we hope to organize something like that again in the future.

Other times our experiments were not so successful. A while back, this was years before the drone party idea, we had other similar ideas which ended up failing hilariously. We did experiments with other similar tech like segways, electronic scooters, electronic skateboards and even hoverboards. It’s not a good idea to mix alcohol and those gizmos, that is all that I have to say about that blunder.

What kind of events are you covering?

Recently we have been setting up parties and events in clubs around Hollywood. If you are a club owner don’t hesitate to shoot us up a message and we can organize an event together. These times club events are very popular, it’s actually the bulk of our business.

After club parties, the second most popular tyoe of events that we are working on are festivals. We are usually contacted by state fairs and we work with them to plan events that are going to be interesting for the younger audience. Younger generations are getting harder and harder to plan events for. In fact, it’s harder to get them to go outside. They seem to be much more interested in being glued to various screens instead of going out on fresh air.

Last type of event that we’ve dealt with are concerts. Nothing big though. It was just a few concerts for the local Hollywood bands that are trying to breakout in the industry. Organizing the concerts was a lot of fun, but we would like to point out that we have only done a couple of them. They were smaller ones, small venues of just a couple of hundred people. We might be able to pull off larger events, with a higher number of guests, but we’re not making any promises.

Hollywood club recommendations

Hollywood is an area that’s riddled with great clubs and events that are filled with super famous people. Picking out places where to go out is never easy. We all have different tastes and requirements when going out clubbing.

Here on Highlands Hollywood, next to putting up announcements for our own events, we are going to talk about club parties, festivals, and concerts that we are think are good. Since there is such a large number of events going on in the Hollywood area, choosing where to go can be quite difficult. We are on the other hand professionals, with lots of experience, and we’re more then ready to give out advice where to go out and have fun in Hollywood.

Our plan would be to put up a series of club recommendations that focus on different types of clubs. For example one series that we have in mind will focus on tracking down, reviewing and recommending cheap but decent clubs in and around Hollywood. Another series will focus on clubs that are featuring disco music, for all those lovers of disco that are stuck in the past.

Secret concert gigs and shows

A specialty of the Highlands Hollywood team would be knowing about secret concert gigs and shows from the more popular bands in the area. Despite not planning and producing that many concerts we are still in contact with lots of musicians and people involved in the music industry.

This is especially true for our friend Devin, who is actually in a band himself. Even though we shouldn’t be sharing this type of info, we’ll make exceptions from time to time for our readers. Do note that this info won’t be put up on our website months ahead of the actual date of the performance. You will just get a couple of days of warning ahead of the event. Make sure to keep a close eye on our News section.

Best way how to not get left out is to subscribe to our news feed so that notifications about new posts get delivered to your mailbox. Before you do that though, be warned that we are mostly covering indie bands. From time to time we might get a word about a secret concert of a rock band. If you don’t like these types of music, it’s probably not a good idea to subscribe to anything.

Future plans and projects

At the time the bulk of our time is spent working on club parties and setting up an office. Finding a good location at an affordable price isn’t easy in Hollywood, but we’re getting there. One we’re settled in an office, part of the team is going to be stationed there permanently, to deal with new clients, while others are going to be out on the field.

In the future we would like to expand our business and focus more on things like concerts, festivals and experimental types of parties, like the aforementioned drone party. Yesterday me and one of my partners Jeff were talking and he suggested that we should be looking into expanding the content on this website. That’s how the idea to write about the Hollywood clubbing scene came into being. We’ll see what kind of other topics we might be cover. It will surely be something regarding the Hollywood glamor scene.

One of the more interesting projects that we have been working on is a large concert by a very famous band. For the time being all the details are still being kept hidden. We are contractually obliged not to share any kind of info until the deal is sealed. We will of course be updating this website once we know more or in general just allowed to share information about the project with the public.

See you on the dance floor

If you’re from the Hollywood area and are frequently going out clubbing there is a good chance that we are responsible for the party that you were attending. Our team is looking for work all the time. If you have any kind of ideas make sure to contact us using the “Contact” page. All of us are watching the email and you will get a reply in no time.

Make sure to checkout the gallery of the events that we’ve setup under the “Portfolio” option in the menu above. There are plenty of photographs taken on each event, and we sometimes put them up for our visitors to see. We’ll try to post content on a regular basis, at least for the time being, to see what draws the most interest in our audience.

Feedback would be much appreciated so don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions on which aspect of the Hollywood club scene you’d like to read here on Highlands Hollywood. We look forward hearing from you.

Oh, one last thing. There is going to be a giveaway with free tickets to one of our club parties. In the near future you can expect a post with requirements to enter the giveaway. Most likely it will be something like liking/following our social media profiles, once we have those up and running properly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win these tickets. You and up to 3 friends of yours can go. Total of 4 tickets are up for grabs. Keep in mind that these are full access tickets, with free drinks at the club bar. Don’t miss out and subscribe right away to our newsfeed. That’s it for now. Cheerio.