Upcoming club events and parties #1

With this post we would like to officially kick off our announcements for club events that we will be responsible for in the near future. Normally we should be posting these types of updates once a month. We schedule events for up to a month ahead.

One of the first events that we’re going to be attending is this weekend at the Confession. This club is also known as Pig N’ Whistle’s. Party starts there around 8PM. Tickets can be bought on the clubs website. Everyone is of course invited.

OHM Club Party

Another bar where part of our team (Devin and Jeff) helped with planning this weekend is the OHM club over at Hollywood Boulevard. As far as nigh club goes, OHM has one of the best lighting setups in the industry. It’s really something special and we are encouraging you to come and check it out this Saturday.

The Study

Next weekend we are setting up a party over at “The Study” night club. Now this is a club that has a bit more sophisticated setting and vibe, seeing how the walls are actually bookshelfs riddled with books. It is definitely a unique experience, and that’s where the club got its name. It’s located on the Hollywood Boulevard, next to Pantages Theater.

The Reserve

The last weekend of the month we will be partying over at “The Reserve”. This club is located in the basement of a former bank, hence its name. There’s a large selection of drinks, and the setting is quite exquisite, with lots of crystal decorations. Make sure to book your tickets now. Club is located over on Spring Street. That’s it for now. See you there.