The Study – L.A night club with vintage feel to it

One of the more frequent requests that we get from our readers is for night clubs that have antique or vintage feel to them. We were kinda surprised to hear such requests, because antique and night club are exactly synonymous. In an effort to please our readers we’ve set out to find such a night club. It surprisingly didn’t take that long to find one.

Hollywood night club with vintage and antique style

Night club in question is of course “The Study”. We are in fact working on a club party that’s going to be held there later in the month.

What gives “The Study” its antique feel is the string of bookshelves that are placed all alongside the club walls. Club area is quite large. This is good thing because it allows the bar area to have relative peace and quiet when the crowd goes wild on the dance floor.

Atmosphere in the club is very good, surprisingly relaxing actually. Colors are predominantly brown and the lighting isn’t that bad either. Club can be found on the Hollywood Boulevard should you decide to visit it. Send us a message with your Hollywood nigh club suggestions, which club do you think is the best?