Cheap Hollywood bars and clubs – Frolic Room

Everyone was affected by the economic downturn of ’08, even party goers in the Hollywood area. We’ve noticed a decline in event attendance that year and numbers still haven’t returned to same levels that they were before. I know that it makes little sense to talk about such a bleak topic on this blog, but we’ve had requests and we ourselves wanted to talk about bars and clubs in the Hollywood area that are cheaper, more affordable, for party goers that are on the budget.

Cheap Hollywood bars and clubs – Frolic Room review

Frolic Room is a small bar located on the Hollywood Boulevard. It is a dive bar, one of the more famous ones in the area. What makes it stand out are great atmosphere, cheap drinks and decent music.

My friends and I spend much of our afternoons over there, working on our projects. Bar area is quite massive, but despite that sometimes it can get a bit crowded, since a lot of people frequent the bar. Design is modern, and lighting is excellent.

Visiting there will not set you back by much, seeing how drinks can be had for as low as 5$. This makes it very affordable while at the same time offering a lot. Have you even visited Frolic Room? How was it?