Avalon Hollywood – night club that’s in a rut

It seems a bit rude to say that Avalon is standard L.A night club, but that’s how we feel about it. It’s nothing personal, we’ve had a lot of fun there, me and my friends, but it seems as though the club doesn’t stand out with anything special. That’s exactly what we wanted to talk about today.

Avalon Hollywood – a standard night club

We’re taking a look at Avalon today in order to talk about one of the biggest dangers that night clubs face. I’m talking about the unwillingness of owners to incorporate new events and programs into the clubs schedule.

If you take a look at what kind of reviews people are leaving on Avalons Yelp pages you’ll see that they are predominantly mediocre. Club hasn’t changed that much since me and the guys started visiting there. No new acts were brought in, DJs, bands. There was very little remodeling to the club area done to mix things up, drinks stayed pretty much the same, etc.

Again, don’t get me wrong, club was great before it ended up in a rut, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s just that people should not forget the importance of mixing things up from time to time. If you’re a club owner, try to bring in experts such as ourselves to give you some ideas on what to change, improve so that more guests discover your club.

As for the Avalon, they are still chugging along just fine, and they will for a long time. Just they could do better.